Our Warranty


Material Warranties

  • Paver material: 25 years Varies by manufacturer but typically a lifetime warranty
  • Artificial turf: 10 years Varies by manufacturer
  • Alumawood patios: limited lifetime
  • Lighting & softscape: varies by product

Install warranties       

The Orange County Interlocking Paver Co. uses the best materials in the business, along with installing all paver products to ICPI standard.  We are confident you’ll love the workmanship, which is why we offer a warrantee for the following:

  • Low voltage LEDs: 1 year
  • Masonry: 1 year
  • irrigation systems: 1 year
  • Plants & trees: varies by component

Warranties are only valid if payment is made upon full completion.  If the work is not completed to customer satisfaction upon final job walk, we will fix it at our own expense.


Change Orders

Once construction begins, additions, alterations and diversions from the design plan will require a signed “change order” document from both homeowner and designer.  Any additional costs that accompany the request are due in full upon request.  Unforeseen obstacles are not uncommon, and homeowner agrees to over any additional cost due to any event that may occur (tree roots, tree stumps, buried hazard material, buried concrete footings, clogged drains, etc.)

Concrete Removal

Demolition estimates budget for 4” thick concrete, no rebar.  For every additional inch after 4”, demolition cost will increase $1/SF.  Contractor will warranty concrete if concrete cracks more than ⅛ of an inch wide.  Hairline cracks occur commonly and are not covered under warranty.  Contractor will not guarantee invasive grass or weeds returning after post emergent (weed & grass killer) treatment has been applied.  This includes new lawns.


Client is responsible for HOA compliance and document submittal.  All deposits are non-refundable if client cancels after 72 hours of signing Contract.  Plan fees are non-refundable as well

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