Pool Construction Services

Pool Construction

A swimming pool is a perfect addition to your home. Relax and lounge by the pool with friends and family year-round, without having to leave your yard. Our pools at The OCIP Co. are built to last for decades and are made from shotcrete for the most durable quality material. We can help you rest easy as we manage the entire process, which involves the following: design, engineering, city or county permitting, & installation.

We understand that building a custom swimming pool is a major milestone and a financial investment. That’s why our team is here for you every step of the way. We bend over backward to ensure you get the best customer service in the industry during your pool construction and installation project.

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Custom Pools

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Raised Pools

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What To Expect During Your Pool Construction

Pool construction involves the below phases. Your OCIP Co. project manager will keep you updated throughout the entire process.

The exact amount of time needed to build your pool will depend on the specific type of pool design you’ve selected, but on average it typically takes between 8 to 10 weeks, not including the hardscape portion. However, weather and other variables outside of our control can affect the timing of when your pool construction will be complete.

Pre-Planning Process

Our swimming pool contractor will meet with you to discuss your pool design and assess your property to determine the exact location of the pool. You’ll also be provided with a written estimate of your pool during this pre-planning phase and a design if necessary.


Our team gathers the necessary permits for implementing your new pool build.


The excavation phase involves shaping your pool. Our team uses excavators to remove the dirt. All dirt is always discarded offsite.

Steel & Plumbing

After digging out the exact shape of your pool, we shape the rebar cage & install the plumbing. This usually coincides with any rough utility, including electrical, as well. The rebar provides support and durability to the structure of your pool so you’ll be able to enjoy it for decades.

Swimming Pool Construction

Our inground pool construction services phase involves applying the pool building materials such as the shotcrete material that will form the pool. Once the shotcrete is dry we will begin the plastering phase. We’ll also install the tile/decking around your pool during this phase.


Plaster is applied to the outer parts of your pool, which will help the pool to have a waterproof layer and a beautiful finish. Once the plaster has been added, we’ll fill your pool with water and recommend a technician to do a “start-up” process, which balances the pH levels.


We remove all materials from your property and appropriately discard them.

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Know that our beautiful work is backed up by an amazing warranty


Making your dream home that much more affordable.

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Our customers are the lifeline of our business.

We value every customer and thrive on return customers and referrals. The greatest compliment that we can get is when our customers refer us to friends and family.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job that we perform.

The OCIP Co. has paved the way for its customers in Southern California. Our work began in hardscape and has grown to encompass the role of a trusted full-service outdoor remodel company with 100% five-star customer service ratings from its customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much will my new swimming pool construction cost?

    The exact cost of your new swimming pool will depend on the below factors. However, most new pools begin at $90,000. 

    • Pool size
    • Amount of work needed to construct the pool
    • Access to backyard and additional demolition are required to create a clear path of access for tractors
    • Pool will take much longer to build with bad access as it will allow for smaller equipment that can’t move as fast
    • Number of lights
    • Raised coping
    • Raised spa
    • Number of waterfalls (if any)
    • Baja shelf
    • Additional engineering
    • Customer rock work or water slides

    Our team will assess your yard during the initial estimate and provide you with a written estimate after a design is made. If the design is too expensive, we can tailor it to your budget.

    Our team will assess your yard during the inspection phase of the outdoor project and provide you with a written estimate at this time. We also offer financing options for pool construction. 

  1. What size backyard do I need for my pool?

    An outdoor space of at least 500 sq. feet is recommended. During the initial inspection phase, we can determine which location in your backyard would be best for your new swimming pool.

  2. Which design features can I add to my backyard in addition to my new swimming pool?

    In addition to custom swimming pools and luxury swimming pools, our team can help design and build a spa, fire pit, waterfall features, rock pool facelift, pool coping, and additional various landscape design features to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.

  1. Which types of pools do you design and install?

    The design options are endless for your custom pool. Whichever pool design you desire, our team can help it become reality. This includes infinity pools.

  2. Why should I choose The OCIP Co. team as my pool builders?

    The OCIP Co. team is levels above any other. As your Irvine pool builder, we have years of experience in pool construction, design, and installation, and we work hard to give you the highest-quality pool possible. We’re in the business of making sure you get the pool oasis of your dreams. Whether you live in Irvine CA, Orange County, Newport Beach, or the greater Southern California area, we’re here to help.

Additional Services From The OCIP Co.

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Pool Remodels

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Structural Pool Remodels

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