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Pavers Cypress CA: FAQs

  1. What is a paver?

    One definition of a paver is a pavement stone fashioned from natural resources. To withstand traffic and other physical stresses, the paving stones we use at OCIP are designed to fit together securely.

  2. What is the difference between a slab and a paver?

    Pavers have interlocking properties, making them an attractive choice for your home's driveway, paths, and pool area. Slabs lack interconnecting properties. Therefore there are fewer design alternatives, and they are more prone to cracking. Slabs are more commonly utilized for public walkways because they lack design.

  3. Are pavers cheaper than brick?

    The cost of pavers is lower overall since they are made of natural resources and are less expensive than brick. Additionally, pavers offer a more comprehensive range of design alternatives to match your property's aesthetic.


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  4. Are pavers cheaper than concrete?

    Pavers last longer and cost less over time than concrete. Concrete may initially be less expensive, but with time it will crack and be quite costly to repair or replace (sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars). Pavers are far higher quality and require less upkeep.

  5. What is paver made of?

    The natural stone materials from which our pavers are crafted provide durability and an elegant, timeless look for your property.


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  1. Are pavers fireproof?

    Outdoor fire pits can be constructed using pavers, although specific designs work better for this installation than others. For particular inquiries, do get in touch with us.

  2. How long do pavers last?

    Our assortment of high-quality, durable pavers will endure for decades. Each of our pavers comes with a 25-year warranty.


    Need an expert in pavers in Orange County? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

  3. Is it necessary to seal pavers?

    For the designs to keep their high quality and attractive appearance over time, it is necessary to seal the joints between the interlocking pavers during the installation process.

  4. Do pavers crack?

    Pavers are highly unlikely to shatter because of their distinctive interlocking construction. Our staff will correctly install your pavers so that you can be sure they last for years because we have the knowledge and competence to do so.

  1. What is a paver?

    A paver is a paving stone made from natural materials. At OCIP, our paving stones are interlocking, allowing them to withstand force and movement without compromising quality.

  2. What is the difference between a slab and a paver?

    Pavers contain interlocking qualities, making them a great aesthetic option for your home’s driveway, pathways, and pool area. Slabs do not contain interlocking qualities and therefore, there are fewer design options and they are more susceptible to cracks. Due to their lack of design, slabs are more often used for public sidewalks.

  3. Are pavers cheaper than brick?

    The natural materials used with pavers are less expensive than brick, making the overall cost for pavers less. Additionally, pavers provide a larger selection of design options to match your home’s style.

    For professional concrete pavers in Orange County, contact us today.

  4. Are pavers cheaper than concrete?

    Pavers are more durable than concrete and are less expensive long-term. Concrete might initially start out costing less, but overtime will crack and are extremely costly to fix and replace (sometimes costing tens of thousands of dollars). Pavers are much more high-quality and the maintenance is low.

  5. What is paver made of?

    Our pavers are made of natural stone materials, creating a sophisticated aesthetic for your home environment that is durable and long-lasting.

    For the best Orange County paving, contact us.

  6. Are pavers fireproof?

    Pavers can be used for outdoor fire pits, but some designs are more appropriate for this installation than others. 

    Please contact us for specific questions.

  7. How long do pavers last?

    Our collection of high-quality, durable pavers will last for decades. Each of our pavers are backed by 25 year warranties.

    Need a paver specialist in Orange County? Contact us.

  8. Is it necessary to seal pavers?

    Yes, sealing interlocking pavers is an important part of the installation process in order for the designs to maintain quality and appearance.

  9. Do pavers crack?

    The unique interlocking design of pavers makes them unlikely to crack. Our team has the expertise and years of experience to accurately install your pavers so that you can rest assured they last for years.

Custom Outdoor Designs For Your Cypress Pavers Home

Pick from a variety of long-lasting paver styles to fit any landscape

Driveway Pavers

Pavers with a 25-year warranty to complement your property, starting with the driveway.

Patio Pavers

Utilizing our variety of interlocking designs and patterns, you can get the exact appearance you like.

Pool & Deck Pavers

Pick from various designs to create the ideal pool area and deck.

Walkway Pavers

Use stylish walkways to create a welcoming environment outside your home.

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